Web & App Development

A website or a mobile application is a cornerstone in one’s digital footprint, it’s like having your own office or store online. In most cases it acts as the first point of interaction between you and a potential consumer/customer. Thus it becomes imperative that one’s website/app should make the desired impressiona and communicate effectively with the audience.

We at Nexedge have a proficient development team which is highly skilled and creative for designing such projects

Following is the scope of our development projects
  • Basic Landing Pages | Wordpress based websites ( eg. Dr. Ramneek )
  • Hybrid website with Plugins ( eg. SKN Hospitals )
  • Custom websites with client-centric approach ( eg. Diler Delhi )
  • Custom E-commerce portals | Shopify based E-commerce portals
  • iOS Apps | Android Apps | Web-based Apps

At Nexedge, along with the designing and development services we offer complimentary Annual Maintenance Services, Product Photography and Custom Animation and Corporate Video Solutions as well.



Social Media Management

Social Media is like a vast ocean composed of several seas with ever changing currents and tides. Therefore it means there are plenty of fish to capture, however one needs to navigate and hit the right spots. We at Nexedge pride ourselves researching and crafting effective Social Media Plans. There are multiple key ingredients to a social media plan such as Target Audience, Relevant Platform, Organic & Inorganic Promotions, Branding & Engagement and much more. Every project commands a different strategy for a successful social media campaign. We lay emphasis on leveraging the best platforms and creating an engaging communications strategy.

There are various objectives and aspects to a social media presence, the following list of our Social Media Management services outline some of them -
  • For Working Professionals/Entrepreneurs : Visibility | Lead Generation
  • For Small Businesses and Medium Size Enterprise : Branding | Lead Generation | Campaigns
  • For Corporations | Government Departments | NGOs : Branding | Lead Generation | Campaigns
  • For Celebrities : Visibility | Viral Content Creation



E-commerce Sales & Management

We are one of the select few agencies that offers this unique set of services for onboarding and management for major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Big Basket etc. There are numerous tedious guidelines and processes that need to be followed to be a premium seller on these platforms, one requires a meticulous approach that fulfils all the compliances as well as deliver profitable results. We also offer guaranteed sales revenue on certain campaigns across all platforms.

Our list of services for this domain are -
  • Seller Account Setup & Management
  • Coordinating with Supply Chain Logistics
  • E-commerce Paid Promotions and Sales Campaign
  • Product Listing & Content Development
  • Product Photography & 3D Modelling
  • Keyword Marketing
  • Review & Response Management



Design Services

Design is an intricate artform which has existed since the beginning of time, it is present in practically everything around us from nature to man-made tech. Although it is a perspective based artform with infinite imperfect possibilities, we at Nexedge cater to address the requirements of the project. Our designs are focused on aesthetics as well their informative value. Be it a single poster or a complex indoor branding for a speciality, we pour our heart and soul into creating impactful and purposeful designs.

Our vast array of design services include -
  • UI Design for Web & Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Campaign Creatives etc.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Media, Print Adverts etc.
  • Product Packaging, Merchandise, Sports Apparel etc.
  • Forms, Reports, Company Documents etc.
  • Visiting Cards, Letterheads, Brochures etc.
  • Flyers, Leaflets, Standees etc.
  • Logos, Artwork, Visual Design etc.



SEO & Adwords

What is the point of having a modern website if one isn’t getting the desired traffic on it? That is where SEO - Search Engine Optimization comes into play. Our SEO team thoroughly researches and devises advanced SEO strategy that not only improves your website ranking but drives quality traffic towards it. On & Off page SEO, Meta-descriptions, Blogs and Backlinks; our team is well versed in all the tricks and trades of the art. Google’s search engine algorithm is an ever evolving tool and thus we ensure that all our websites are SEO enabled with embedded targeted keywords. All these efforts result in an optimized digital presence and a recognition your brand truly deserves.

Adwords is a game changer for anyone interested in accelerated organic growth. Ensuring genuine leads along with detailed analytical reports; an Adwords campaign is no-brainer for anyone considering digital marketing. We deploy multiple solutions in addition to Adwords for our PPC (pay per click) campaign which includes online banner ads, plain text ads, third party traffic generators, affiliate links etc. We have time and again proved to generate huge business volume and guaranteed income via our online advertisement campaigns.

Our list of services for this domain are -
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Affiliate Marketing



Outdoor Media & Traditional Marketing

We consider ourselves as brand builders. We enjoy the challenges of building an identity, making an impact and creating a recall value. To achieve this dynamic, the most essential element is - Visibility. Herein the traditional marketing modes such as Print and Electronic media combined with Outdoor media stills rules the roost. The traditional media covers the entire spectrum of marketing, from being loud to being subtle, from hammering the brand to building the brand. We at Nexedge take painstaking efforts to scout locations, book ad spaces and negotiate the best possible media buying rates to ensure a healthy ROI (return on investment) for our clients.

We ideate, design, execute and analyse all our traditional marketing platforms to achieve maximum engagement. Cinema campaigns, celebrity endorsements, radio jingles and newspaper ads! We’ve done them all. We simplify the process of large scale media buying for our clients and build the bridge between them and their target audience. They may seem ‘old fashioned’ methods but yet are in fashion as evident from the fact that we’re surrounded by the advertising modes at all times.

Our list of services for this domain are -
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Newspaper & Magazine Advertising
  • Outdoor (Local & National) Advertising



Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Over the years, our team has acquired multiple skills and experience across several arenas. We’ve delved in film-making, photography, event management, political campaigns, sports management etc. Every individual at Nexedge is encouraged to innovate and engage with their individual networks and resources to add value to our clients. More often than not, this has resulted in some fascinating solutions, synergies and successes. We look forward to presenting you with something out of the box!

Following are some of our unorthodox activities -
  • Corporate Sports Leagues
  • Flea Markets and Exhibitions
  • Fashion Studio Visual Redesign
  • Webinars
  • Food Festivals
  • Game Development



Management & Consultancy Services

WNexedge is the baby of passionate entrepreneurs and we always cherish the opportunity to assist a budding start-up in any capacity to the best of our ability. We appreciate the struggles, challenges and complications of setting up a company or helping one turnaround their fortunes. We reach out to relevant experts for valuable advice and connect with the right professionals for assistance on the project. Networking is one our core strengths and has helped us tremendously over the years to streamline solutions and deploy strategies. We have a sound Board of Advisors who actively guide us and are invested in our projects.

Our list of services for this domain are -
  • Sponsorship Associations
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Accounts & Finance Consultancy
  • Funding & Investment Consultancy
  • Operations Management Consultancy


We are a close-knit, multicultural team of designers, developers and digital nerds.
Together, no challenge is too big.